Live Rhinoplasty Course


Early : 920 euros (until january 31th) Regular : 1020 euros (until june 31th) Tardif : 1120 euros (until the course)

EAFPS members : Early : 820 euros (until january 31th) Regular : 910 euros (until june 31th) Late : 1010 euros (until the course)

Residents : Early : 670 euros (until january 31th) Regular : 770 euros (until june 31th) Late : 870 euros (until the course)

The operations will take place in the operating theaters of Clementville clinic in Montpellier and will be broadcasted in the conference room located within the Panacea, one of the sites of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Montpellier, 14 rue de l'école de Pharmacie, Montpellier.

Clinical cases:
Photographic and clinical cases of patients will be posted 48 hours before the course in the member's area, accessible if you are registered for the course.